Valuable Tool To Help Any Instructor Teach Employment Skills And Life Skills

Teaching people how to find a job is one of the most important elements of a job training program. Teaching people how to keep a job is even more important.

SOFT SKILLS TRAINING: A workbook to develop skills for employment
ISBN-10: 1468096494

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Soft Skills Training: A Workbook to Develop Skills for Employment

 “I just want you to know how much I am enjoying teaching from your book.  Thank you so much.  My class is enjoying it also.  You have great information.  Thank you again for helping instructors like me who have had a rough time trying to find GOOD material.  I could find “stuff”,  but you have the best.”

 “I recently ordered both Soft Skills Training and 10 Things Employers Expect Their Employees to Know online.  I teach a job readiness course at a non-profit working with people dealing with various barriers to employment.  I’m new to the position and looking to re-vamp the current curriculum so am just trying out some new resources.  I am thrilled with the workbook thus far.  It looks like exactly what I need.” 

“I finally received copies of the “10 Things Employers Expect You to Know” and “Soft Skills Training.”  You have done a tremendous job in selecting and organizing the content.”
“I just want to let you know that I use your “Soft Skills Training” workbook and think it is great.  The quotes are excellent for starting class discussions and the stories are very impactful.”
“We serve students aged 16-21 who have dropped out of high school and are considered having low income.  We provide GED classes and employment opportunities and this book will assist us with teaching our students the soft skills needed in order to keep a job.”
“Thank you Fred - This looks like an amazing tool.”  

“My colleague showed me your book: Soft skills Training. I immediately ordered the book and recently received the book. It's really very helpful.”

“Like you describe in the book, we are focused on developing practices to keep a job, not just get a job. I found your workbook while searching for suitable curriculum that would essentially save me some time in writing my own.  I look forward to receiving the instructor manual.”

“I especially like the large font!  I know that seems silly but it makes a difference.  I'm at that age where I need bifocals and large print doesn't give me headaches!  I facilitate groups for people in the 'welfare-to-work' program and most people don't have access to eye care / glasses so it's much appreciated.”

“My first impression is that it needs to be taught EVERYWHERE!   not just a standalone but embedded into teacher training programs, University level.  That is my work and my motivation.  So let's keep in touch.”

“I have reviewed the Soft Skills Training workbook, and I am interested in getting the Instructor Manual. I think this program will be helpful for Alternative Education students,  coordinated services, and young adults continuing in high school beyond the 4 year program.”

“I purchased a soft skills training workbook.  I am about 53 pages thru the manual. It is an excellent resource and I will implement it into our work for success program.”   

I was hired by a major university to teach recently released offenders how to become employed. I walked into my first class intending to follow the lead of all the other job training programs in the city, which was teaching the students to properly fill out applications, write resumes, facilitate mock interviews, and locate employment opportunities. After the first couple of classes, most of the students were either not paying attention or sleeping. I quickly realized my presentation needed to be interesting, challenging, beneficial, and actually guide the participants on how to remain employed. However, I was unable to find any published material for teaching new hires the soft skills necessary to keep a job.  

This workbook is a compilation of the soft skills class material I have developed over an eighteen year period. I have used this material with great success and have taught soft skills in schools, inner-city church programs, nonprofits, and government funded job training programs. It is a unique collection of essays, exercises, quotes, and maxims that will give students a realistic perspective on work-related expectations and the expectations of the supervisors who hire them. It will help students develop their problem solving skills, guide them in making appropriate decisions, and create a desire to plan out goals and achieve them. The workbook style is challenging and playful, serious and engaging and a stepping stone to developing the cognitive skills necessary to quash unproductive thinking and self-defeating emotional behaviors.

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